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Image example for balancing high contrast lighting situations in photography

How to Balance High Contrast Lighting Situations in Photography By Jen Golay

As we get closer to spring and summer, bright, sunny days will be calling to us to get outside with our cameras. Any photographer...

Fine Art Series by Bertie Taylor on Shoot It With Film

Fine Art Series by Bertie Taylor

I shoot on digital and film and shoot all styles, from fashion to documentary. I generally prefer shooting on film when I can. I've always...

Example of an edited film scan by Drew Evans on Shoot It With Film

Should You Edit Your Film Scans? 3 Thoughts on Getting the Best Out of Your Images by Drew Evans

I edit my film scans. It’s a conversation that brings with it some controversy — while many are in favor...

Medium format portrait series by Armond Yeo on Shoot It With Film

Portrait Series by Armond Yeo

Today, we're featuring a beautiful portrait series from Singapore-based photographer Armond Yeo captured on medium format...

35mm panoramic film image with the Holga 135 Pan on Shoot It With Film

The Holga 135 Pan: Getting to Know Your Camera by Alec Pain

Over the past year, I’ve become obsessed with buying different Holgas. I don’t think I can possibly own every Holga...

Wandering Artist Marfa Retreat on Shoot It With Film

The Wandering Artist Goes to Marfa by Sara Johansen

I'm forever wanting and needing more time for creative freedom and time to experiment with my photography. I need time to create...

How to Reuse Polaroid Cartridges by Jennifer Stamps on Shoot It With Film

6 Ways to Reuse Polaroid Film Cartridges by Jennifer Stamps

Calling all Polaroid shooters! Ever wonder what to do with the cartridge when you’re done with the pack? Well, I have a few ways to...

35mm film image of Zermatt, Switzerland by Micah Thornton on Shoot It With Film

Switzerland Travel Story by Micah Thornton

I captured these images during a ski trip in Zermatt last winter using my Nikon FM2. I’d only recently started exploring photography...

The Nikon One Touch L35AF2 35mm Film Camera

Nikon One Touch L35AF2 Film Camera Review by Katya Rowny

Nothing screams film shooter more than bringing an unknown camera with you on your family vacation. Which is exactly what I did earlier this year...

Medium format film image of Patagonia by Alex van Leeuwen on Shoot It With Film

Patagonia Travel Story by Alex van Leeuwen

The initial idea for a trip to Patagonia - centered around the Torres del Paine hike - was my brother’s. But as soon as he...