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Medium format b&w film image of a person in a mirror - Mirrors Alternative Reflections by Anastasia Fasnakis on Shoot It With Film

Mirrors / Alternative Reflections Fine Art Series by Anastasia Fasnakis

This series came after a long, tough artistic draught. I had been shooting primarily landscapes and scenes in nature for some time, and I felt...

Medium format film double exposure of a girl walking on the sidewalk - Lomography LomoChrome Metropolis Film Review on Shoot It With Film

LomoChrome Metropolis Film Review by Samantha Stortecky

Hello friends! I’m back with another fun film stock review: Lomography LomoChrome Metropolis. Now that it’s summer and we can start getting outside and enjoying...

35mm film image of a street in Thailand - Thailand Travel Essay by Stefano Degirmenci on Shoot It With Film

Thailand Travel Essay by Stefano Degirmenci

It was the beginning of summer, and it was one of those days where you drag your work until late at night. I was working...

35mm panoramic film image with sprockets of a road in the desert - 35mm Panoramic in a Medium Format Camera by David Rose on Shoot It With Film

How to Shoot 35mm Panoramic Images with the Pentax 67 by David Rose

Have you ever seen panoramic 35mm photographs exposed edge-to-edge, including the sprocket holes, and wondered how you might be able to create that effect...

Medium format film image of a silhouette of a man - Fine Art Portraits by Christopher Michael on Shoot It With Film

Fine Art Portrait Series by Christopher Michael

I first started photography in 2015 using my iPhone 5. Initially, I started with street photography when traveling to San Francisco and Marfa, Texas before...

B&W film image of a bridge - Ilford HP5 Film Review on Shoot It With Film

Different Ways to Shoot and Develop Ilford HP5 B&W Film by Jennifer Stamps

When it comes to black and white film photography, my go-to is always Ilford HP5 Plus. My love for this film stock started in 2018...

B&W film image of wheat grass - Black and White Film Developing Roundup on Shoot It With Film

B&W Film Developing Highlights from SIWF Insiders!

Our second module for Shoot It With Film Insiders was all about developing your own black and white film at home. Armed with video lessons,...

Clouds through an airplane window - Super 8 Filmmaking Techniques by Jen Golay on Shoot It With Film

Shooting Super 8 Movies: Filmmaking Techniques to Make You a Pro by Jen Golay

So you’ve bought your new-to-you Super 8 camera after reading What You Need to Know Before Buying a Super 8 Camera, and you’ve gotten started...

Double exposure of a hand and flowers on Polaroid film - In Between Polaroid Fine Art Series by Mila Maes on Shoot It With Film

In Between Polaroid Fine Art Series by Mila Maes

This series of double exposures was taken on a Polaroid SX-70 camera and expired Impossible film last spring, during the lockdown. I was cut out...

35mm film soup image of the desert - SIWF Insiders Film Soup on Shoot It With Film

SIWF Insiders is Open! And the Film Soup Module is Live!

SIWF Insiders is out of beta, and it officially reopened this week. SIWF Insiders is all about education, community, and inspiration. You’ll get a new...