Our Story

Why We’re Here

Shoot It With Film is here to help you share your passion for film photography. Whether you love medium format, instant cameras, or anything in between, you’ll find a happy home here with lots of film fun to enjoy! We have content here on the site to inspire and educate and a growing community over on Instagram. We even have awesome film apparel to help you show off your film love! So hang out, get involved, and together we can let the whole world know that film is not dead!

Where We Started

Shoot It With Film started with a simple love for film photography. I’m Kathleen, and I’m the designer and creator behind Shoot It With Film. Like many of you, film photography gave me a way to speak to the world, and it quickly became something between a passion and an obsession. Unfortunately, in the middle of this journey, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The diagnoses left me in a place where I was only able to get outside and shoot a couple times a year. Not my most shining moment, but my love for film photography never even stumbled. So Shoot It With Film was born. It’s my way to manage the crazy world of chronic illness while still sharing my passion for film with others who are just as nutty about it as I am.

Find me on IG @imkathleenfrank

The Community

The Shoot It With Film community is about sharing great film images and giving photographers a positive corner of the internet to talk cameras, labs, and everything film. Join us over on Instagram at @shootitwithfilm, and tag your favorite film images and new apparel with #shootitwithfilm. You can also submit your film work to the blog! Head on over here to check out the submission process.

Welcome to Shoot It With Film!