Our Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2019

How to Choose a Color Film by David Rose on Shoot It With Film
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As we wrap up 2019 and set our sights on 2020, we wanted to take a minute to share some of our most popular film photography tutorials from the past year.

In 2019, we published 48 new film photography tutorials full of camera reviews, film stock reviews, film photography how-tos, and so much more.

Take a look at the list, and let us know your favorites below in the comments!

Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2019
Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2019

1. How to Shoot Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra 400 Film Review by Samantha Stortecky on Shoot It With Film

Film stock reviews are always a favorite here on the site, and the top one from this past year featured the classic Kodak Portra 400.

In this film stock review, Samantha Stortecky shares tips on how to make the most of this versatile film stock, complete with tips on rating, metering, and pushing.

Check out our Kodak Portra 400 film stock review.

2. Hasselblad 500 C/M Film Camera Review

Hasselblad 500CM Review by James Baturin on Shoot It With Film

We also love film camera reviews here at Shoot It With Film!

In this article, James Baturin goes into detail about the Hasselblad 500 C/M. You’ll learn about the Hasselblad system with its different viewfinders, film backs, and lenses.

You’ll also get a great overview of its functions and its pros and cons. Throw in some beautiful images, and it’s easy to see why this camera is a favorite of so many film photographers!

Check out the film camera review for the Hasselblad 500 C/M.

3. How to Shoot Night Photography with the Olympus Trip 35

Night Photography on the Olympus Trip 35 by Tom Box on Shoot It With Film

In this tutorial, Tom Box takes us along for his trip to Japan for some night photography experiments with the Olympus Trip 35 film camera. Learn how to hack the Trip 35 to best work in low light, and find out what to expect from night photography with such a fun, little camera.

Check out this night photography article about the Olympus Trip 35.

4. 5 Great 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners

5 Great 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners on Shoot It With Film
image credit: @loafcameras

If you’re just starting out with film photography, our list of 35mm film cameras for beginners is a must!

We cover the top cameras in several different categories, such as the classic, fully manual cameras, more modern film cameras with plenty of features, and even point and shoots.

With details on price ranges, features, and ease of use, you’ll be able to find a 35mm film camera perfect for your needs.

Check out this list of great 35mm cameras for beginners.

5. Guide To Choosing A Color Film

How to Choose a Color Film by David Rose on Shoot It With Film

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What film should I use?” This guide from David Rose is a perfect resource.

David shares a complete overview of the most popular color film options available. You’ll see examples from each film stock, an overview of pros and cons, and tips on how to get great results.

Check out this guide to help you choose a color film.

We also have a easy-to-use infographic about choosing a color film that goes along with this post and helps you find the right color film for your shooting situation.

6. How to Create Light Leaks on Film

How to Shoot Light Leaks on Film by Amy Berge on Shoot It With Film

You may find yourself needing to troubleshoot light leaks if your film camera has weak seals, but have you ever tried adding them intentionally?

Intentional light leaks are a fun way to add amazing streaks of color to your film images, and, in this tutorial, Amy Berge shares exactly how to do them.

You’ll learn how to add light leaks during shooting or after shooting, including a video to demonstrate the process.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial for creating light leaks on film.

7. Mamiya Universal Press Camera Review

Mamiya Universal Press Camera Review by Andrew Welsh on Shoot It With Film

Another camera review made our top ten list, and this one is for an amazing instant film camera. Andrew Welsh dives into all of the specs for the Mamiya Universal Press and why it’s one of the best instant cameras out there.

It’s rare to find an instant camera that allows for so much control with interchangeable lenses and manual exposure control. You can even shoot a variety of different Polaroid and Instax instant film formats.

The flexibility and features of the Mamiya Universal Press makes this camera a complete gem.

Check out all of the details about the Mamiya Universal Press film camera.

8. Shooting and Pushing Ilford Delta 400

Shooting and Pushing Ilford Delta 400 by Jennifer Stamps - Pushed 1 Stop on Shoot It With Film

Pushing film is always a tricky topic for film photographers. Knowing when to push and understanding how each film will react takes a lot of practice and experimentation.

In this tutorial, Jennifer Stamps walks us through one of those experiments. She compares the results after shooting and developing Ilford Delta 400 black and white film at box speed, pushed one stop, and pushed two stop.

You’ll be able to see the effect pushing has on grain, contrast, and different lighting situations.

Check out shooting and pushing Ilford Delta 400 tutorial.

9. Star Trails on Film: Shooting Long Exposure Star Trail Photography with Film

Star Trails on Film: How to Shoot Film Photography Star Trails by James Baturin on Shoot It With Film

James Baturin is our go-to resource for long exposure film photography. He’s amazingly talented with long exposures and understands the complexity film adds to the mix.

In this article, he experiments with combining long exposures and night photography for a look at shooting star trails on film. You’ll learn about the equipment you’ll need, exposure times, and the difference between shooting star trails on film vs digitally.

Check out the long exposure star trail film photography tutorial.

10. Hack the DX Code on Your 35mm Film

DX Code Hacking for 35mm Film Photography on Shoot It With Film

Changing the DX code on your 35mm film is a fun hack for anyone who wants a little more control out of their point and shoot cameras.

The DX code tells your camera the ISO of your film, but for many automatic cameras, you might want to trick your camera into thinking it’s shooting a different film speed.

With detailed instructions, Amy Berge shares all about DX code hacking, including a great video to explain the process.

Check out all the tricks for hacking the DX code on your 35mm film.

Let us know your favorite tutorial of 2019 below in the comments, and you can check out all of our film photography tutorials here!

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