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35mm film photography portrait on black and white film by Gilbert Carosin on Shoot It With Film

Portrait Series by Gilbert Carosin

Shooting film is a real liberation for me, no more endless computer manipulation or spending hours in front of the screen. I value my work...

The Leica M3 rangefinder film camera - Leica M3 Review by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

The Leica M3: A Comprehensive Guide by Neil Milton

In the cold winter of 2021, a singular moment of stupidity as I changed a roll of film, caused my Leica M6 to drop from...

Infrared Film Photography Series by Pablo Fanques Fair on Shoot It With Film

Infrared Film Photography Series by Pablo Fanque’s Fair

The photographic capture of images in the infrared wavelength range makes it possible to see an alternative to the real life...

35mm double exposure - Film Photography Blind Doubles by Alison Hatch on Shoot It With Film

How to Shoot Blind Double Exposures on Film by Alison Hatch

As film shooters, we all know the rules are meant to be broken. One of my favorite rules to break is creating double (or triple...

35mm Film Photography Landscape Series by Reid Gough on Shoot It With Film

Landscape Film Photography Series by Reid Gough

I loved using disposable film cameras as a kid and recently rediscovered this passion. My parents gifted me their old film camera from the 90's...

35mm film image with the Contax T2 - Contax T2 Point and Shoot Film Camera Review on Shoot It With Film

Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2023!

Film photography was alive and well in 2023, and, as the year winds down, we wanted to take a look back at some of our...

35mm film image of a Mediterranean Travel Story by Alex van Leeuwen on Shoot It With Film

Mediterranean Travel Story by Alex van Leeuwen

This trip was a long overdue escape from London. In my photography generally, I tend to stray away from taking photos that are too busy...

Point and shoot film cameras - Tips to Start Shooting Film by Katya Rowny on Shoot It With Film

Learn to Shoot Film: 5 Tips to Get You Started by Katya Rowny

There is nothing like coming across an old film camera in your forgotten collection only to realize you have undeveloped film still in the camera...

35mm film photography of Earth Beat's photo series by Destry Rose on Shoot It With Film

Earth Beat’s Photo Series by Destry Rose

In my photographic collection of Earth Beats, I've captured the marvels of nature, with each image telling a story through visually enchanting compositions...

Kodak Ektar H35 Review by Sara Johansen on Shoot It With Film

Kodak Ektar H35 Half-Frame Film Camera Review by Sara Johansen

I’ve long been on the hunt for a great little toy camera that mimics a disposable film camera but is a bit more eco-friendly and...