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Typographic Film Photography by Spencer Sanderson on Shoot It With Film

Typographic Film Photography Series by Spencer Sanderson

I’m Spencer Sanderson, a 19 year old photographer from Utah. A couple years ago, I started taking inspiration from graphic design/paintings for my photography...

Film image on Fuji Pro 400H by Drew Evans on Shoot It With Film

Why Fuji Pro 400H Might Be My Favorite Color Film by Drew Evans

I’m ready to come clean and admit it: Fuji Pro 400H is my favorite color negative film stock. These days, it’s much harder to come...

Cupiss Press Photo Essay By Dominic Whiten on Shoot It With Film

The End of an Era: Cupiss Press Photo-Essay by Dominic Whiten

Tucked away, down a side turning of a bustling country market town, you’d be forgiven for never knowing of the existence of Cupiss Press...

Lesser-known color film stock comparison by Taylor Blanchard on Shoot It With Film

7 Lesser-known Color Film Stocks Worth Trying by Taylor Blanchard

Whether you're a new or seasoned film photographer, when you think of color film, the names Kodak or Fuji most likely come to mind...

35mm film image of Costa Rica by Ethan Ege on Shoot It With Film

Costa Rica Travel Story by Ethan Ege

These photos were taken in December in Nosara, Costa Rica and some surrounding beaches and areas. The trip was just for fun, adventure...

Finding Inspiration Where You Live by Alec Pain on Shoot It With Film

Finding Photography Inspiration Where You Live by Alec Pain

I’m never quite sure whether I live in a town or a village. Apparently, I live in a town… but most of the locals like...

Film photography image of Madeira, Portugal by Cassandra Jackson-Baker on Shoot It With Film

Madeira Travel Story by Cassandra Jackson-Baker

Madeira. The island of eternal spring. I have been returning to this Atlantic paradise time and time again since 2013. An antidote to the craziness...

How to add embroidery to Polaroids by Jennifer Stamps on Shoot It With Film

Adding Embroidery to Polaroids to Create One-Of-A-Kind Works of Art by Jennifer Stamps

Calling all experimental photographers and artists! In this article, I will give a step-by-step guide on how to add embroidery to your Polaroids...

35mm film image of Seattle by Amanda Caves Salata on Shoot It With Film

Seattle Travel Story by Amanda Caves Salata

I have never been to Seattle, so when the opportunity arose to attend an industry conference in the Pacific Northwest last fall...

35mm film photography of a street photography image by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

Street Photography: 5 Assignments for Beginners by Neil Milton

Many photographers want to try their hand at street photography but find they are too shy or introverted to make a start. Leaping into street...