Thank you so much for your interest in submitting to the Shoot It With Film blog! We love to feature work from film photographers from every genre and stage of their film photography journey. Take a look below for the submission process and the type of work we are currently featuring.

Currently Accepting:

We are currently looking for film photography submissions in the following categories: travel, fine art, personal work, experimental film work, toy camera photography, and Polaroid film work.

Submission Process:


  • All images must be shot on film.
  • Please include 7-20 images.
  • Images should be sized to 1080 pixels in width and 72dpi.
  • Images should be safe-for-work content.
  • Images should not have watermarks.
  • Shoot It With Film is non-exclusive. Feel free to submit to other sites.

To Submit:

  • Please submit images using a Dropbox link.
    • Upload your images to a folder at
    • Click Share Folder
    • Click Create A Link
    • Click Copy Link and include the link in your submission email.
  • Email the submission to
    • Please include the following in your submission email:
      • The Dropbox link for your images.
      • The cameras, film stocks, and developing/scanning lab used.
      • A brief summary about you or your images. This can be as short or as long as you would like. Summary suggestions: background about your trip, inspiration behind the images, what you loved about taking the images, your film journey, or anything else you would like to share. If you don’t love writing, don’t stress! Just give me a sentence or two so I have some background to do the blog post. If writing is totally your thing, please share it all! We’ll include it with the blog post.
      • Your name, website, and social media links.

Thank you so much for submitting to Shoot It With Film! We cannot wait to feature all of your incredible images!!!


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