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Finding Inspiration Where You Live by Alec Pain on Shoot It With Film

Finding Photography Inspiration Where You Live by Alec Pain

I’m never quite sure whether I live in a town or a village. Apparently, I live in a town… but most of the locals like to call it a village....

35mm panoramic film image with the Holga 135 Pan on Shoot It With Film

The Holga 135 Pan: Getting to Know Your Camera by Alec Pain

Over the past year, I’ve become obsessed with buying different Holgas. I don’t think I can possibly own every Holga...

Long exposure film photography image - Long Exposure Tips by Alec Pain on Shoot It With Film

Long Exposure Film Photography at Night: Learning From My Mistakes by Alec Pain

Despite the extra weight on your already heavy camera bag(s), long exposure film photography with a tripod can be a very satisfying...

35mm film image with the Contax T2 - Contax T2 Point and Shoot Film Camera Review on Shoot It With Film

Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2023!

Film photography was alive and well in 2023, and, as the year winds down, we wanted to take a look back at some of our top film photography tutorials...

Multiple exposure Holga-rounda experiment by Alec Pain on Shoot It With Film

Creating Holga-Roundas: A Multiple Exposure Holga Experiment by Alec Pain

Holgas are the perfect tool for experimentation. Double exposures, intentional camera movement, Holgaramas, using the color flash...

Holgarama film image by Alec Pain on Shoot It With Film

How to Shoot Holgaramas by Alec Pain

I came across Holgaramas in Michelle Bates' classic book "Plastic Cameras." There were some incredible images by Pauline St. Denis...