canon rebel

35mm film image of San Diego

San Diego Travel Story by Meredith Green

The cool thing about San Diego is each area is unique with different views. Ocean Beach was laid back, and it was fun to just sit on the beach...

35mm film image of the mountains in Turin, Italy - Above the Clouds by Flavia Fontana Giusti on Shoot It With Film

Above the Clouds Travel Story by Flavia Fontana Giusti

In 2009, while he was living in Turin, Italy, my father bought a house in an isolated little village in Valle d'Aosta, the roof of Europe. The entire family...

35mm black and white film portrait of a woman - I Am Project by Meredith Green on Shoot It With Film

I Am Project and Photo Essay by Meredith Green

In September of 2021, I picked up a film camera not knowing what I was doing or quite sure what to expect. I wasn’t unhappy with my digital camera...

Portrait of a woman laying her head on a glass table - 35mm Film Creative Portrait Series by Alix Valentine on Shoot It With Film

Portrait Series on 35mm Film by Alix Valentine

I recently shot a series with a lovely, beautiful girl called Lola in Montmartre. I’ve lately been heavily inspired by superficial night lights...