Malaysia and Singapore on 35mm film by Sarah Moylan on Shoot It With Film

Malaysia and Singapore Photo Essay by Sarah Moylan

I took a whirlwind nine-day trip to Malaysia and Singapore at the end of February, which is a bit crazy when you consider that Singapore...

Film photography image of Madeira, Portugal by Cassandra Jackson-Baker on Shoot It With Film

Madeira Travel Story by Cassandra Jackson-Baker

Madeira. The island of eternal spring. I have been returning to this Atlantic paradise time and time again since 2013. An antidote to the craziness...

5 Experimental Film Stocks on Shoot It With Film

5 Unique & Experimental Film Stocks You Need to Try! by Samantha Stortecky

One of my favorite aspects of film photography is the huge amount of film stocks available on the market today. Whether you are looking for professional films, something inexpensive...