ilford hp5

Large format black and white film image - The Downland Project by Tobias Key on Shoot It With Film

The Downland Project: A Photo Essay by Tobias Key

We often don’t appreciate what is on our own doorstep. Photographers are often guilty of thinking they have to travel far afield to create interesting images...

35mm black and white film landscape of Scotland - Isle of Mull Travel Series by Laura Grace Swan on Shoot It With Film

Isle of Mull Travel Series by Laura Grace Swan

I started taking photos during lockdown in London in 2021. I bought a secondhand 35mm camera online and taught

Film image of the Pacific Northwest by Mario Aumüller

Sushiburrito Photo Series by Mario Aumüller

This series is about my one month long journey all across the Pacific Northwest and over the rocky mountains. It was my very first trip...

35mm film image of the mountains in Turin, Italy - Above the Clouds by Flavia Fontana Giusti on Shoot It With Film

Above the Clouds Travel Story by Flavia Fontana Giusti

In 2009, while he was living in Turin, Italy, my father bought a house in an isolated little village in Valle d'Aosta, the roof of Europe. The entire family...

35mm black and white film portrait of a woman - I Am Project by Meredith Green on Shoot It With Film

I Am Project and Photo Essay by Meredith Green

In September of 2021, I picked up a film camera not knowing what I was doing or quite sure what to expect. I wasn’t unhappy with my digital camera...

Medium format b&w film image of a woman's house - Mary's House by Alex Warren on Shoot It With Film

Mary’s House Photo Series by Alex Warren

Visiting my Aunty Mary in Taunton, South West England is always a joy. She’s 82, and still retains a fierce sense of independence, good humor, and energy...

35mm film photography portrait of a woman - Creative Portrait Series by Flavia Fontana Giusti on Shoot It With Film

Creative Portrait Series by Flavia Fontana Giusti

One evening early in October, I invited my Instagram friend Amanda, who I had met in July at a film photography meetup in Madison, over to my place to work...

Medium format film photography with 20+ multiple exposures

A Multiple Exposure Experiment: 20+ Exposures in a Single Film Image by James Baturin

I’ve been really drawn to more abstract and experimental forms of photography lately. I’ve experimented a lot with long exposures and intentional camera movement...

B&W film image of a bridge - Ilford HP5 Film Review on Shoot It With Film

Different Ways to Shoot and Develop Ilford HP5 B&W Film by Jennifer Stamps

When it comes to black and white film photography, my go-to is always Ilford HP5 Plus. My love for this film stock started in 2018 when I decided to shoot...

35mm film image of a woman by the ocean - Road Trip Travel Series by Bean Howard on Shoot It With Film

Road Trip on the Coast by Bean Howard

I am an aspiring photographer from Nelson, British Columbia CA. These selections represent some of my favorite memories from the last few years exploring the coast and onward...