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Shooting Film in a Studio by Sara Johansen on Shoot It With Film

5 Tips For Shooting Film In A Studio Space by Sara Johansen

Last year, I was lucky enough to come across an opportunity to have a studio space, and, in that time, I’ve worked to perfect my photography style...

35mm film image with a portrait lit in blue light and a streak of movement in red.

Using Shutter Drag, Strobes, and Gels for Creative Effect by Amy Elizabeth

Today, I’m going to walk you through a creative process I use with shutter drag, artificial lights, and gels to create the images you see in this post...

Medium format black and white film image of a woman smiling with her hand over her head - How to Use Flash with Film Photography by John Adams III on Shoot It With Film

Flash and Film Photography: Taking the Fear Out of Using Flash with Film by John Adams III

Using flash units with old analog cameras can seem like a super daunting task. How are you supposed to make a brand new flash work with a camera originally...

Using Flash for In-Home Lifestyle Sessions by Kim Hildebrand on Shoot It With Film

Using Flash with Film for In-Home Lifestyle Photography by Kim Hildebrand

Did you cringe just reading flash and photography in the same sentence? I sure used to. Until I realized that flash is so amazing, and also one of the most...