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Film Labs

theFINDlab - Located in Orem, UT

Richard Photo Lab - Located in Valencia, CA

Indie Film Lab - Located in Montgomery, AL

Carmencita Film Lab - Located in Valencia, Spain

Mein Film Lab - Located in Huertgenwald, Germany


Learn to Shoot Film with the Film Love Workshop from Stephanie Bryan

The Film Love Workshop is an online, work-at-your-own-pace course that will teach you all the in and outs of film photography.

Format: Online course with 20+ videos tutorials, 70+ page pdf, and assignments to work through at your own pace

Topics Covered: Film Cameras, Film Stocks, Metering & Scanning, Rating & Pushing Film, Backlighting, Shooting in Full Sun, Black & White Film, Families & Newborns on Film, Double Exposures, Editing Film Scans, Light Leaks, Film at Night, Toy Cameras, Creativity with Film, Retrieving a Film Leader

Perfect For: Beginners and more experienced shooters

Stephanie has also written for Shoot It With Film. Check out her articles here!

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Learn to shoot film with these courses from CreativeLive

The CreativeLive Film Week courses are online, watch-at-your-own-pace video courses with downloadable bonus content taught by amazing film photography experts.

Format: Online video classes for streaming and download, bonus pdf content

Topics Covered: Introduction to Film Photography, Introduction to Black and White Film Photography, Film Photography with Strobe Lighting, and Introduction to Large Format Photography.

Perfect For: Beginners and those looking to expand their knowledge in specific topics such as artificial lighting or large format photography

Learn to use flash with film in the Lighting for Lifestyle online class from Kim Hildebrand

The Lighting for Lifestyle class is an online course for using bounce flash with film photography to transform your at-home lifestyle sessions.

Format: Online course with 12 videos tutorials, 50+ page pdf, and access to the Lighting for Lifestyle private Facebook group

Topics Covered: Why & When to Use Bounced Flash, Equipment Needed, Types of Artificial Light, Placing Your Light Source for Different Results, Metering for Ambient Light and Flash, Example Lighting Diagrams

Perfect For: More experienced film shooters who want to use flash for more consistent indoor shooting. If you shoot indoor lifestyle sessions and never want to worry about dimly lit homes again, you’ll love this course!

Check out Kim’s Shoot It With Film articles here.