developing film

An example of stand development with black and white film on Shoot It With Film

Set It & Forget It Film Developing: An Introduction to Stand Development by Taylor Blanchard

When you develop your own black & white film negatives, you generally follow a set process: measure a specific quantity of water for your tank...

An example of pulling color film by Taylor Blanchard on Shoot It With Film

Pulling Film: Misunderstood, Overlooked, or Worth Forgetting? by Taylor Blanchard

Have you ever found yourself shooting film in bright sun and wanting to retain details in your shadows? Are you searching to differentiate...

A woman holding a darkroom print - Setting Up a Darkroom at Home by Taylor Blanchard on Shoot It With Film

Guide to Setting Up a Darkroom at Home by Taylor Blanchard

In a world where our lives are dominated by screens and we’re accustomed to instant gratification, film photography forces me to slow down, think, and enjoy the process...

Tim Boddy anthotypes - Spinach-Beetroot stem - Red wine - Alternative Film Photography Processes on Shoot It With Film

An Overview of Alternative Photography Processes by Chiara Salvi, Founder of Alternative Processes

Photography, as an art form, has long been considered to be an excellent medium for capturing the essence of life, moments, and memories...

35mm black and white film image of a lake - How to Bulk Roll Film on Shoot It With Film

How to Bulk Load 35mm Film by Amy Elizabeth

I recently bought my very first roll of bulk 35mm film: a 100’ roll of Arista 400, which has been a go-to stock of mine lately...

35mm half frame film image of a farm - How to Scan Film Borders on Shoot It With Film

Scanning Film Borders with the Epson V600

Including the film borders in your scans can be a really fun addition to your images, adding a bit of character and giving your photos a look that is uniquely...

Medium format b&w image of leaves - Develop Film in Beer- Beerenol Tutorial by Jennifer Stamps on Shoot It With Film

How to Develop Film in Beer: Beerenol Tutorial

Running out of developer? Want to try something new? Have a can of beer your friend left over that you don’t like and don’t want to drink?

B&W film image of wheat grass - Black and White Film Developing Roundup on Shoot It With Film

B&W Film Developing Highlights from SIWF Insiders!

Our second module for Shoot It With Film Insiders was all about developing your own black and white film at home. Armed with video lessons, demonstrations, and a place...

Image of film developing supplies - 15 Resources for Developing Your Own Film on Shoot It With Film

15 Resources for Developing Your Own Film

There are so many benefits to developing your own film. Not only can it be cost saver over sending film out to a lab, it also gives you more control...

Kodak HC-110 vs Ilford Ilfosol-3 Film Developer Comparison by Jennifer Stamps on Shoot It With Film

Kodak HC-110 vs Ilford Ilfosol-3: Which B&W Film Developer Should You Use?

Does the black and white developer you use to develop film matter? If results vary based on film stock, it makes sense that the type of developer you use would...