olympus trip 35

35mm film image of a Scottish Highlands landscape - The Scottish Highlands by Sarah Badman-Flook on Shoot It With Film

Scottish Highlands Photo Essay by Sarah Badman-Flook

Long before I moved to Scotland, I would hear tales from my grandfather (Gigi) of his cycle tours through the highlands or trips to the islands for work or pleasure...

Visiting and Shooting Film in Japan by Tom Box on Shoot It With Film

A Japan Travel Guide by Tom Box

Japan has been top of my and my wife Sarah's 'must visit' list for as long as we've known each other, and in November we finally managed to make it...

Night Photography on the Olympus Trip 35 by Tom Box on Shoot It With Film

How to Shoot Night Photography with the Olympus Trip 35 by Tom Box

I would imagine most, if not all, of the people reading this have heard of the Olympus Trip 35. Over 10,000,000 units of the camera were sold during it's lifetime...