35mm film image of the ocean - An Introduction to Cross Processing Film by Amy Berge on Shoot It With Film

An Introduction to Cross-Processing Film by Amy Berge

Back in 2009, it felt like the beginnings of the "make-your-digital-look-like-film" movement, except it wasn’t the soft pastels or creamy skin tones of the pro stocks we were going for...

Crosses Processed 35mm Film Portraits by Zeno Gill on Shoot It With Film

Cross-Processed 35mm Film Portrait Series by Zeno Gill

Today, we're featuring a set of cross-processed film portraits from photographer Zeno Gill. Cross-processing is a method of intentionally developing film in the wrong chemicals to causes color shifts and...

How To Develop C-41 Color Film At Home by Amy Berge on Shoot It With FIlm

Develop Color Film At Home by Amy Berge

In January of 2017, I took the plunge into developing my own black and white film at home. But the idea of conquering C-41 color film weighed heavily on my...