DIY Darkroom Print Washer by James Baturin

I recently switched from using resin coated printing paper in the darkroom to fiber based. The discussion of resin coated versus fiber based papers is one for another tutorial. But...

How To Develop C-41 Color Film At Home by Amy Berge on Shoot It With FIlm

Develop Color Film At Home by Amy Berge

In January of 2017, I took the plunge into developing my own black and white film at home. But the idea of conquering C-41 color film weighed heavily on my...

Shoot It With Film Amy Berge BW Developing

How To Develop Black and White Film at Home by Amy Berge

When I was a junior in high school, I took a photography class which kick-started my love of film and photography. Being a true late 90’s teen, analog was our...