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Camera and a light meter - Top Light Meters for Film Photographers by Jen Golay on Shoot It With Film

5 Best Handheld Light Meters for Film Photography by Jen Golay

One of the most essential pieces of equipment for film photographers has to be a handheld light meter. In order to make a good exposure...

An image of the Seahorse 830 case from Evergreen- Seahorse 830 Protective Camera Case Review on Shoot It With Film

Seahorse 830 Protective Camera Case: A Tough & Versatile Pelican Alternative

If you're traveling with a lot of gear this summer, a protective hard case for your camera equipment is a great investment. It will...

Evergreen Film Case - Film Cases Worth Trying on Shoot It With Film

4 Film Cases Worth Checking Out!

Film cases are containers specifically designed to carry 35mm and 120 rolls of film, and they are a great option for organizing your film rolls while you're shooting or at...

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner - Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner Review on Shoot It With Film

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner Review by Samantha Stortecky

Hello friends! I am back with another fun analog tool that has me excited for all the film projects that 2022 will bring us! Last year for Christmas, I purchased...

120 film holder for digitizing with a DSLR - Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 120 Review on Shoot It With Film

Negative Supply Basic 120 Film Carrier Review by John Adams III

Ever since coming across Amy Berge’s guide to scanning your own film at home, I’ve been a huge advocate for self scanning your film. Scanning your own film allows...