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Banff Travel Story on Film by Taylor Blanchard on Shoot It With Film

Banff Travel Story by Taylor Blanchard

We visited Banff National Park in Alberta in early October - a shoulder season between the summer crowds and ski season. Our timing was...

Infrared black and white film image on Shoot It With Film

The World of Infrared and Red-Sensitive Black and White Film by Taylor Blanchard

Last summer, I came up with the idea to shoot every film stock in the Ilford lineup. That’s when I realized I’d never shot Ilford SFX, which is sensitive to...

Medium format black and white landscape - Ilford SFX 200 Film Review by David Rose on Shoot It With Film

Ilford SFX 200 Film Stock Review by David Rose

I wrote a previous guide for Ilford’s lineup of film stocks, but if you’re observant you may have noticed that there was a notable film that was missing from this...