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The Zone System Explained by Kim Hildebrand on Shoot It With Film

Using The Zone System to Meter Film by Kim Hildebrand

Ansel Adams's Zone System is genius. It’s how I learned to expose black and white film, and it’s so easy once you understand it and know how to use it....

Using Flash for In-Home Lifestyle Sessions by Kim Hildebrand on Shoot It With Film

Using Flash with Film for In-Home Lifestyle Photography by Kim Hildebrand

Did you cringe just reading flash and photography in the same sentence? I sure used to. Until I realized that flash is so amazing, and also one of the most...

Shoot It With Film Kim Hildebrand NYC

New York City on Film by Kim Hildebrand

Today, we are heading to New York City with film photographer Kim Hildebrand! Kim captured exactly what it feels like to visit NYC. Her film images are alive with the...