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35mm film photography double exposure of the sun behind mountains - Pacific Northwest Travel Series by Ben Balusek on Shoot It With Film

Pacific Northwest Travel Story by Ben Balusek

This week, we're featuring an awesome Pacific Northwest travel story from film photographer Ben Balusek. Through double exposures and experimental film stocks...

5 Experimental Film Stocks on Shoot It With Film

5 Unique & Experimental Film Stocks You Need to Try! by Samantha Stortecky

One of my favorite aspects of film photography is the huge amount of film stocks available on the market today. Whether you are looking for professional films, something inexpensive...

Black Lives Matter Sign - Black Lives Matter Protest on Psychedelic Blues Film by Louise Gibson on Shoot It With Film

Black Lives Matter Protest by Louise Gibson

When I went to my first Black Lives Matter march, to protest the death of George Floyd and many others, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew the things...

St. Lucia 35mm and Medium Format Film Photography Travel Story by Stephanie Bryan on Shoot It With Film

St. Lucia Travel Story by Stephanie Bryan

This week's film photography feature is a beautiful travel story just perfect for anyone wishing summer would last a little bit longer. Film photographer Stephanie Bryan shares the stunning landscapes...

35mm Film Photography Asheville NC Travel Story by Melissa Summers on Shoot It With Film

Asheville Travel Story by Melissa Summers

Today's feature is from film photographer Melissa Summers of one of the most enchanting cities in the U.S, Asheville, North Carolina. With a 35mm camera and a little Psychedelic Blues...

Shoot It With Film Ashli Dunphy Psychedelic Blues

How To Shoot Psychedelic Blues Film by Ashli Dunphy

Psychedelic Blues film will give you beautiful color streaks throughout your images. Since it's an experimental film (created by Dustin Adams through a process of fogging consumer...