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35mm film soup image of a lake - Film Soup Roundup on Shoot It With Film

Film Soup Highlights from SIWF Insiders!

During July, our SIWF Insiders members tackled one of our favorite experimental film techniques: film soup! We shared video lessons with demonstrations of the process...

B&W film image of wheat grass - Black and White Film Developing Roundup on Shoot It With Film

B&W Film Developing Highlights from SIWF Insiders!

Our second module for Shoot It With Film Insiders was all about developing your own black and white film at home. Armed with video lessons, demonstrations, and a place...

35mm film soup image of the desert - SIWF Insiders Film Soup on Shoot It With Film

SIWF Insiders is Open! And the Film Soup Module is Live!

SIWF Insiders is out of beta, and it officially reopened this week. SIWF Insiders is all about education, community, and inspiration. You’ll get a new film photography course...

Film photography double exposure of a field of flowers.

Double Exposures! Highlights from SIWF Insiders

Today, we're featuring a beautiful set of film photography double exposures! These are just a few highlights from our double exposure month over at Shoot It With Film Insiders...

Film double exposure of a girl running through a field

SIWF Insiders is here! And the Double Exposures Module is live!

On Monday we launched a project we are so, so excited to share with you... Shoot It With Film Insiders! SIWF Insiders is a place all about learning and community...