leica m3

The Leica M3 rangefinder film camera - Leica M3 Review by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

The Leica M3: A Comprehensive Guide by Neil Milton

In the cold winter of 2021, a singular moment of stupidity as I changed a roll of film, caused my Leica M6 to drop from my hand and bounce on...

35mm film image of Spain by Julia Shelepova on Shoot It With Film

Spain Travel Story by Julia Shelepova

This was a family reunion trip to Spain back in November 2021. Our Main goal was to explore big cities: Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. But we were charmed...

35mm black and white film image of Scotland by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

Scotland Travel Story by Neil Milton

The first 2 years of the pandemic were difficult for a Scottish emigrant settled in Poland. For the decade prior, I had taken keen advantage...

Zone focusing settings on lens - How to Use Zone Focusing for Street Photography by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

What is Zone Focusing and How to Use It for Street Photography by Neil Milton

Making street photography with a manual focus camera can present several challenges our autofocus-wielding friends won't face...

35mm film image of the Maldives on Shoot It With Film

Maldives Travel Story by Jonathon Page

Last December, I travelled to the Maldives with some of my family for a celebration. Knowing it could be a once-in-a-lifetime trip...

Shoot It With Film Americas New Pastime by John Korossy

America’s New Pastime Film Feature by John Korossy

For me, there's nothing like getting away to a campsite in the woods, cooking meals over an open fire, relaxing by reading, doing crossword puzzles, and of course making photographs...