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35mm film photography portrait on black and white film by Gilbert Carosin on Shoot It With Film

Portrait Series by Gilbert Carosin

Shooting film is a real liberation for me, no more endless computer manipulation or spending hours in front of the screen. I value my work...

35mm film image of Scotland by Cara Davidson on Shoot It With Film

A Photo Journal of Scotland: Capturing the Essence of a Place by Cara Davidson

My fascination with film photography started during the first lockdown. We all suddenly had so much more time on our hands and...

35mm film image of the mountains in Turin, Italy - Above the Clouds by Flavia Fontana Giusti on Shoot It With Film

Above the Clouds Travel Story by Flavia Fontana Giusti

In 2009, while he was living in Turin, Italy, my father bought a house in an isolated little village in Valle d'Aosta, the roof of Europe. The entire family...