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35mm Film Photography Hong Kong Travel Story by Katie Golobic on Shoot It With Film

Hong Kong Travel Story by Katie Golobic

Today, we're featuring a 35mm Hong Kong travel story from film photographer Katie Golobic. Each image in this series captures such a beautiful part of Hong Kong and its balance...

Shooting Low-Light Wedding Receptions on Film by Johnny Martyr on Shoot It With Film

Shooting Low-Light Receptions with Film by Johnny Martyr

Say what you will about wedding photography, but few other gigs will allow you to party with beautiful people without having to know a single dance move. My wife and...

Shoot It With Film Americas New Pastime by John Korossy

America’s New Pastime Film Feature by John Korossy

For me, there's nothing like getting away to a campsite in the woods, cooking meals over an open fire, relaxing by reading, doing crossword puzzles, and of course making photographs...