Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2022!

Medium format film image of a pier - Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2022 on Shoot It With Film
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It’s hard to believe 2023 is already here! We hope the last year was filled with so much joy and incredible memories (that you got to capture on film, of course!).

Before we move on to all of the excitement of the new year, we wanted to take a minute to look back on our top film photography tutorials from 2022.

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Here’s to an amazing 2023!

1. Best B&W Films for Landscape Photography

B&W medium format film landscape - Best BW Films for Landscapes on Shoot It With Film

In this article, James Baturin shares his three favorite films for creating black and white landscapes.

If you’re looking for b&w film stocks with beautiful depth, rich tones, and lots of flexibility, this is a must-read!

Check out the best b&w film stocks for landscape photography!

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2. 15 Must-Have Film Photography Accessories

Double exposure image with flowers - 15 Film Photography Accessories on Shoot It With Film

Want to make your film photography life a little easier? This article from Jen Golay will help!

Jen gathered up a list of accessories to help you take care of your gear, create better images, and stay organized. You’ll definitely want to add these items to your camera bag!

Check out these 15 must-have film photography accessories!

3. Contax TVS Review: Or How I Spent $400 on a Point & Shoot Film Camera

35mm film image self portrait - Contax TVS Review by John Adams III on Shoot It With Film

Thinking of adding a point-and-shoot camera to your collection?

This film camera review from John Adams III takes a look at the Contax TVS, a great option for a point and shoot that creates high quality images.

Check out the Contax TVS camera review.

4. Tips for Shooting Film at Night

Night photography on film - Tips for Shooting Film at Night by Sara Johansen on Shoot It With Film

Shooting film at night can be tricky and a bit intimidating. But this article from Sara Johansen breaks it down with five easy-to-follow tips.

You’ll be creating amazing night photography images in no time!

Check out these tips for shooting film at night!

5. Kodak Tri-X: Why I Love It & Why You Should Too

Black and white street photography film image on Kodak Tri-X - Kodak Tri-X 400 Review by Neil Milton on Shoot It With Film

When you think of classic film stocks, you can’t get more classic than Kodak Tri-X. A beautiful b&w film!

In this article, Neil Milton shares about his love for Tri-X and why it has become such a favorite for street photographers.

Check out this in-depth look at Kodak Tri-X.

6. The 3 Film Cameras I Take on Every Trip

Medium film format image of palm trees - Film Cameras for Traveling on Shoot It With Film

Planning to travel more in 2023?

If you’re overwhelmed by what cameras to pack, take a look at this article from Samantha Stortecky. Samantha shares the three film cameras she packs on every trip to cover any shooting scenario she might run into.

Check out the article!

7. Freelensing Photography Guide

Freelensing image on film - Freelensing Photography Tutorial by Amy Elizabeth on Shoot It With Film

Freelensing is a fantastic experimental technique to add to your toolbox!

In this article, Amy Elizabeth explains what freelensing is and how to use it for macro and tilt-shift effects.

Check out the freelensing tutorial!

8. Mamiya 7: Does This Medium Format Rangefinder Live Up to the Hype?

Medium format film image of a pier - Mamiya 7 Review by Drew Evans on Shoot It With Film

In this camera review from Drew Evans, Drew shares his experience with the Mamiya 7, a very unique medium format rangefinder.

If you’re looking for a medium format camera that is compact and versatile, this needs to be at the top of your reading list!

Check out this review of the Mamiya 7!

9. The Benefits of Traveling with Minimal Gear & How To Do It

Film image of Barcelona - Traveling with Minimal Gear by Jennifer Stamps on Shoot It With Film

For another fantastic article about traveling with film, check out this one from Jennifer Stamps.

Jennifer talks about the benefits of traveling with minimal gear and shares practical tips on how to do it and still get images you love.

Learn how to travel with minimal gear!

10. Polaroid Go Review: A Mini Instant Film Camera from Polaroid

The Polaroid Go - Polaroid Go Review on Shoot It With Film

Looking for a fun instant camera to add to your collection?

In this article, Kathleen Frank reviews the Polaroid Go. All the fun of Polaroid in a super mini package!

Check out the Polaroid Go review.

We’d love to hear about your favorite film photography moments from 2022. Share them below in the comments!

And you can check out all of our film photography tutorials here, including camera reviewsfilm stock reviews, and tutorials for beginners.

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