Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2021!

Large format film image of a landscape
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Happy New Year!

We’ve come to the end of 2021, and, today, we’re rounding up our top film photography tutorials from the last 12 months.

Check them out for a few of our most popular how-tos, camera reviews, gear recommendations, and more!

You can also take a look at our top tutorials from past years here: Top Film Photography Tutorials of 2020 and Top Tutorials of 2019

Wishing you all the most wonderful, film-filled 2022!

1. The Best Light Meter App and Why I Use It Over a Handheld

Medium format film portrait of a woman - Best Light Meter App by John Adams III on Shoot It With Film

In this article, John Adams III takes a look at his favorite light meter app to use when shooting film and why it’s his go-to light meter, even over a handheld!

A great way to simplify your shooting process and lighten your camera bag!

Check out this in-depth look at a great light meter app.

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2. Polaroid and Instax Instant Film Comparison

Various packs of instant film - Polaroid and Instax Film Comparison by Samantha Stortecky on Shoot It With Film

Overwhelmed by the instant film choices out there? This comparison by Samantha Stortecky will help!

With lots of example images and a size comparison, Samantha goes over the differences between the color and black and white films from both Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax.

Check out the Polaroid and Instax instant film comparison.

3. What You Need to Know Before Buying a Super 8 Camera

The Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera - Tips for Buying a Super 8 Camera by Jen Golay on Shoot It With Film

Jumping into Super 8 can be quite a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be!

This article from Jen Golay goes over everything you need to know about buying a Super 8 camera to get you started on your journey.

Check out what you need to know before buying a Super 8 camera.

4. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Camera Review

Front view of the Fuji Instax Square SQ6 - Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Review by James Baturin on Shoot It With Film

Looking for a great and easy-to-use instant camera?

In this review, James Baturin takes a look at the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6, including all of its features, what it’s like to use, and its creative shooting modes.

Check out the Instax SQ6 camera review.

5. Self-Portraits on Film: Tips to Get You Started

Black and white self portrait on film with motion - How to do Self Portraits on Film by Amy Berge on Shoot It With Film

Self-portraits on film are the perfect project to take on for the new year!

In this article, Amy Berge covers tips for getting in front of the camera and pushing your creativity with self-portraits.

Check out this guide to taking creative self portraits on film.

6. Getting Started with Large Format Film Photography

Large format film photography landscape on 4x5 black and white film - Intro to Large Format 4x5 Film Photography by David Rose on Shoot It With Film

If you’re interested in large format film photography, this tutorial from David Rose is a must!

David breaks down what large format film photography is and its benefits, the equipment you’ll need, and tips to get you started.

Check out this overview of how to get started with large format film photography.

7. Different Ways to Shoot and Develop Ilford HP5 B&W Film

B&W film image of a bridge - Ilford HP5 Film Review on Shoot It With Film

Ilford HP5 is one of the most popular black and white films out there, but did you know that there are many different ways to shoot and develop this one film stock?

In this article, Jennifer Stamps shows examples of what Ilford HP5 looks like rated and developed at different speeds. Find out which look is your favorite!

Check out the different ways to shoot and develop Ilford HP5 b&w film.

8. Leica M6 Camera Review

35mm film photography image of the ocean - Leica M6 Film Camera Review on Shoot It With Film

Want to learn more about Leica film cameras and see if they are right for you?

In this camera review, Drew Evans takes a detailed look at the Leica M6, including the Leica image quality, shooting experience, and more.

Check out the Leica M6 camera review.

9. Flash and Film Photography: Taking the Fear Out of Using Flash with Film

Medium format black and white film image of a woman smiling with her hand over her head - How to Use Flash with Film Photography by John Adams III on Shoot It With Film

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by using artificial lighting with your film photography, take a look at this article from John Adams III!

John simplifies the process of using strobes and incorporating flash into your work with easy-to-follow tips and an overview of his workflow.

Check out this tutorial on how to use flash with film photography.

10. Trichromatic Photography: Using B&W Film to Create Color Images

35mm film image of a sunset - How to Make Trichromatic Images on Film by Amy Berge on Shoot It With Film

In this tutorial from Amy Berge, Amy takes you through the amazing process of trichromatic photography.

Learn how to use black and white film to create color images!

Check out the trichromatic photography tutorial.

Have a favorite film photography tutorial from last year? Share it below in the comments!

And you can check out all of our film photography tutorials here, including camera reviewsfilm stock reviews, and tutorials for beginners.

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